La Leyenda del Venado Azul

Wirikuta fue el lugar de la creación del mundo, de acuerdo con la cultura Wirárika (huicholes en español), está localizado en el desierto de San Luís Potosí, en el noroeste de México, cubriendo 193,000 hectáreas. Pámparios significa gracias en esta lengua proto-nahua. Una de sus leyendas milenarias narra que cuando todo era oscuridad, desde las profundidades del Océano nació el venado azul, quien hizo una peregrinación para encontrar la luz, caminando hacia el este, encontrando Wirikuta, de esta manera se sacrificó a sí mismo convirtiéndose en hikuri (peyote) para ser luz y sanación.

Kauyumari – In the Huichol creation story it was Deer Spirit, Kauyumari, that was sent to find the celestial tunnel of light that would lead the other gods and goddesses from the chaotic sky world into this world. But when they came through the tunnel they had forgotten who they were and where they came from. Slowly, though, by listening to their dreams, they began to remember. Together they journeyed a dangerous path to the center of this new world to perform the rituals that would give birth to Taupa, the Sun, their central deity, that he might bring Kupuri, light, to this dark place. After performing their rituals the Sun emerged and turned the sky bright blue and made the plains and mesas and valleys appear for the first time. It was so beautiful that everyone was filled with tears of joy. But soon the sun left again because he was so greatly missed by those who remained in the sky realm that they too performed the appropriate rituals to bring him back. The gods and goddesses were saddened by his departure but soon learned if they perform the proper rituals and live their lives in a sacred way, like those in the sky realm, the Sun will return for a while each day, sharing his time between worlds. Although it was Kauyumari, the Deer Spirit, who discovered the tunnel between worlds, he was the last to enter through because, being a trickster spirit, he felt more at home in the chaotic sky realm. When the gods and goddesses turned from the center of the world to disperse in the four directions, they noticed the tracks of Kauyumari were fuzzy green disks on the desert floor. They learned to ingest these disks and found themselves filled with Kupuri from the Sun, God’s light. They called these disks peyote. The Deer Spirit left them as tracks so those who come through the tunnel later will also be able to find their way, be filled with divine insight, and remember who they are and where they come from. – Todd Eklof





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