About Me


Daniela Falcon, 1991, Mexico-Italy. Graduated from Superior School of Music at National Center of Arts in Mexico City. Studying Political Sciences Faculty at Autonomous University of Mexico.

Is an artist and music composer. In her practice involves music, performance, scenic direction, photography and video, also Anthropology is part of her research since she is a child was and is active on researches related with native communities from Mexican southeast. In her work, she is researching an intercommunication from body, making her performative process in many ways as a research, and then transform them in a scenic practice that is strongly involved with music. Also, she has worked many years with a voice-body research, from vocal-body-performance explorations, relating body, movement, gestures, expressions, groan, voice, finding a human and expressive necessity.

Daniela has won the First Place on Third National Prize of Contemporary Scenic-Interdisciplinary Creation endorsed by National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) as scenic director, composer and perfomer, has obtained the Program of Creation and Artistic Development scholarship two times.

Has participated in the International Video-dance Prize CINEDANS in Amsterdam, Pierre Schaeffer Phonurgia Nova Prize in Paris, Darmstadt MusikInstitut in Germany, UMBRAL in Mexico City, Random Festival in the Digital Cultural Center, Mexico City, International Cinema Festival of Morelia, International UNAM Cinema Festival (FICUNAM), Mexican Lab of Interdisciplinary Improvisation, International Cinema Festival of Guanajuato, Music ORFF in Austria, National Prize of Contemporary-Interdisciplinary Scenic Creation in Mexico City, among others.

Nowadays is developing an experimental-interdisciplinary art platform called D’Gnero, working on her new projects and building an Artistic Residency close to nature.